Tuchel praises ‘Gallagher’ very outstanding, easy to check

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has hailed Conor Gallagher, who is on loan at Crystal Palace, saying it is not difficult to follow the players. Because the work is outstanding at the moment.

Rising Midfielder Is a key player in Patrick Vieira’s team has scored 3 goals, 2 assists since being loaned out to play for Palace this season

Tuchel revealed that Gallagher It’s in his team plans this season. until Palace contacted

“Gallager was not difficult to follow. Because he stands out in every match. It’s very easy to follow and give credit to him,” Tuchel said before playing at home to Burnley on Saturday

. We thought he would stay and fight for his place here,

but we finally decided after speaking with Patrick Vieira at Crystal Palace, he himself understood his role in the Premier League with the club, He wants to take on this challenge.”

“We agreed to let him move because We think that in the end It might be the right thing to do. You just need a little luck. because the quality is already in abundance.”

“Gallagher’s heart is strong. You can wake him up at 4 AM and then he started running, the Princess, the ball and win the duel, he felt better and get them the trust of the club and the manager, “

” Now, it just will not. November But he is already the main character of Palace. It’s great that he’s there and there’s no need to change. He feels good and feels very involved with the club.”