Trent reveals Van Dijk’s words to unite the Reds’ players to leave behind Klopp.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool defender admits that. His response to the news of team manager Jurgen Klopp announcing. He will step down at the end of the season has caused shock to the entire dressing room. But received encouragement from Captain Virgil Van Dijk to turn despondency into motivation.

Klopp announced his resignation in advance in January. It was a decision that exceeded all parties’ expectations because there had been no news about it before. That made the vice-captain of the ‘Reds’ and many of his teammates gasp when they heard the story UFABET 

But it was Captain Van Dijk who brought everyone back to their senses instead of losing their minds. I look at it from different angles and say that it is the best way to leave a legacy for your elders.

Said a statement from ‘The Athletic FC’

“It’s 100% true that we were able to come through. because of what Virgil van Dijk said in front of everyone after Jurgen announced his resignation.”

  “Trent said – This is big news that will shake the whole football world. But we can’t let it destroy our concentration. We have to use it to create motivation – “ 

“The team manager has led us to many successes. You gave us the opportunity to fulfill our dreams. Therefore, we owe it to you to give everything we can back to you as a repeat-” 

“Verge also said that there were people complaining that. The news of the manager stepping down must have caused the team to become distracted. Prove them wrong. True, this is big news, but as a professional You have to gather your wits quickly and overcome it.”  

Liverpool has already won 1 Carabao Cup championship. Next, they will chase the English Premier League and Europa League championships, which will reach the quarter-finals.