‘Tevez’ accepts the fire and doesn’t think of a return.

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Carlos Tevez, former Argentine national team striker admits that he is exhausted to decide to return to the field professionally.

The Argentine moved from Shanghai Shenhua to return to Boca, his boyhood club, in 2018.

However, Tevez lost his father earlier this year due to health issues. Even just defeating COVID-19 came last year

The loss affected Tevez’s psyche, forcing him to meet with the club’s management to find a solution. Before announcing his farewell to the team in June, but admitted that he may return to football again in the future,

however, it seems that now he may not return to play. and prefer to live outside the grass courts “I do not feel the need to go there when the ball rolled out”

“on Saturday. I went to the wedding while Boca was playing and deep inside I thought if I played I would have missed the wedding.”

“If a result like that (lost to Gimnasia 1-0) had happened, I wouldn’t have gone to [the wedding] because I would have been angry. I probably wouldn’t have taken pictures or had a drink. Everyone would say Boca lost, but Tevez went to a party, football was like this.”

“Did I miss going back? Both friends and family asked. But I don’t know where to start. Now I enjoy this moment.”

“You start to wonder but at the same time I take care of myself too. I wanted to find something to hold my interest and motivate myself. Or take something out of me “.

“But now, every time I watch Juventus, Boca or the teams that used to play for. I looked inside myself for the fire to encourage me to play for another six months or a year, but I couldn’t find it.According to a report from ufabet.