“Rangnick” did not know about “Ronaldo” Dodo’s return to Portugal

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick is unaware of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Portugal over the weekend, according to reports from England

. The “Red Devils” lost 4-1 to Manchester City on Sunday night, with Rangnick revealed that he had received reports from the team that the Portuguese team suffered a muscle injury. Hip-hop

Ronaldo was not at the Etihad Stadium on match day. And it is reported that he decided to return. To his family in Portugal immediately. After learning that he would not play. The

latest ufabet reported that at that time Rangnick did not know that the 37-year-old star had chosen to return to his homeland in Portugal. While the team is having an important battle with the rival team in the city.

However, the club insists that it is not forbidden. For players to travel. And said it was not uncommon for players. To travel across the country to visit their families on vacation. Because the example in this matter is already seen as normal

At the same time. The club is not obligated to force Ronaldo to stay at the Etihad Stadium. Due to his injury

, Ronaldo missed training last Friday due to a hip injury. He returned to Portugal for the weekend. before returning to England on Monday and returned to the Carrington training ground on Tuesday.