‘Pochettino’ as ​​one of the people who had the greatest influence

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Arsenal manager Miguel Arteta names Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino as one of the people who influenced his career the most. After living together during their playing days with Paris Saint-Germain,

the two joined PSG together in 2001 and have a close, brotherly relationship to this day.

Today they are still some of the top coaches in the world. But they will have to duel in an important game after Arsenal will have to travel to Stamford Bridge and it will also be the first competition between Arteta and Poche. Ttino

Pochettino is 10 years older than the Spaniard, so he looked after Arteta like a younger man during his playing days with France’s famous team, and Arteta praised him as one of the people who has been one of the biggest influences on his career. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“First of all, that time in Paris was my first opportunity to play at senior level. And we moved together. Lived in the same hotel for three months,” Arteta said.

“He’s a critic, one of the people who had the biggest influence on my career. The first was when I was a footballer. He protected me like a child, a younger sibling, and he was an important part of my success in Paris. “

It’s because of him. It’s because he took good care of me, gave me confidence and lots of advice. “

He has been a role model for me since that day. Not just when I was a player, but when I was a manager as well. When I had to decide to stop playing and start coaching. He was very involved in that and I will always be grateful to him.”

Arteta took over at the Emirates Stadium in December 2019, a month after Pochettino. Leaving his position as manager of Tottenham Hotspur,

Pochettino returned to control the Premier League again by accepting the position of manager of Chelsea this season. Even though he had a bad start, R. Teta believes the Argentinian coach can turn things around.

Asked if Pochettino could step up to compete with them, Arteta replied: “Yes, you can see that things have changed. Very quickly.”

“It’s an important and historic game between the two clubs. We know what kind of game we’re in from having met before. But this time was different. I’m very impressed with Chelsea. “

I think they deserve a better place in the table. What Mauricio has done in a short period of time is great. We have to play as hard as we can.”