‘Pep’ tells Man City to see Man Utd to keep calm.

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Pep Guardiola has told Manchester City players to stay calm before going on the pitch for the Manchester derby. 

Don’t pay attention to the surrounding voices talking about this game. Manchester United are unbeaten against City in their last four meetings in the league and if they win they’ll score a point. 

“The Blues” by nonetheless than cardio IDC talks about the derby match matches this week and be calm backwater for the Raiders to victory in the local Old Tampa, FL Ford. Ward

: “I do not feel it, I wake up in the morning and I arrived at the training ground this 10-12 or 14 hours,” said Kwak cardio.

“after that, I went home. I don’t go to restaurants, pubs to drink beer and soak up the atmosphere. I can imagine how important the game is to both sides. It’s normal, so football is good. But I have to keep calm,

“We had a good game against them. One game we drew (last season) was secretly boring when both teams were playing a bit scared. They got knocked out of the Europa League and we weren’t in a good time.

We had a good game against them in Carabao. Cups and even home games we play as ourselves. However, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you lose, “

a cardio Hunt also spoke of the dangers on the offensive line of Manchester United, but in the meantime I do not think the offensive line of Manchester City need a striker.

“They have a very good attacking line and now they have Cristiano Ronaldo even better. I’m not a magician who knows what’s going to happen this season. First, I would tell my team to be calm but confident and confident.”

“Look how many goals we scored without Sergio Aguero last season. Maybe in the future we might not be able to sign the spearhead who can’t score goals. Who knows? we are what we are I’ve said this many times. We wanted a striker but we could

n’t get him. I know it might be perfect but it could be disastrous in the next three days, anyway we don’t need strikers or we need to buy seven, calm down.