“Pep” encourages “Ronaldo” to play until the age of 75 and still shoot.

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has hailed Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo for being able to score. Despite playing until the age of 75,

“The Blues” will attack the “Red Devils” in the Manchester derby that will take place in the Premier League tonight.

Ronaldo has been rumored to be moving. Moved to City before United stepped in and brought the Portuguese national team back to Old Trafford last summer.

The striker has also been outstanding, scoring nine goals in 11 games in all competitions this season, and at the age of 36

, Guardiola views Ronaldo will continue to score goals. other Even playing until the age of 75 years,

“He will score goals for the rest of his life. He may retire at 75 but he will still be able to maintain his standards of playing and scoring goals,” he told Sky Sports.

“These players, like (Leonel) Messi, like him, what they have done in football over the past decade is to score goals over and over and help them win. It questions everything “

” It’s good to have him back for the Premier League alongside Manchester United’s Cristiano and Cristiano Ono was with Manchester United, it is the perfect fit. It was so in the past Maybe it will be so now and in the future too. We’ll see each other.” According to a report from ufabet.