“Felix” urged the bear friends to defeat the bat

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Joao Felix player expensive of Atletico de Madrid Premiere urged his teammates to do the excuses in the game against Valencia after losing to Liverpool in the middle last week,

“Bear.” Lost to the “Reds” with a score of 2-0 in the Champions League game in the middle of last week.

Having lost both back and forth this season , Atletico still have just four points from their four group stage games. and still have to keep trying If hoping to qualify for the round of 16 knockouts

. They will also have to fight hard. By going to visit the “bat” in the league game this weekend,

Felix urged his teammates to show off their work. After meeting the defeat in the game in the middle of the week

“Even though we lost the game against Liverpool, we are confident that we will do well in the league. And will fight to qualify for the last 16 in the Champions League.”

“We recognize the courage within the team as well, and in the game against Valencia, we will overcome the situation are experiencing a”

“It will be a difficult game to play Messi eyes Sagna. It’s always difficult But we have to do our duty. play our way and if we can do that We will come back with three points.”