Bayern Munich talks about ‘Eberl’ sitting on the board

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Bayern Munich has reached an agreement to add Max Eberl to its sports management team, with the former RB Leipzig boss set to start his tenure with the club in April. Eberl

parted ways with Leipzig because Eberl was linked with Bayern. And the club felt he was not committed enough to the team.

Christoph F Royd will remain the club’s sporting director for the time being. While Eberl will manage certain player contracts once his appointment is officially announced

. Freud will continue to be the spearhead in negotiations to strengthen the “Phi Tiger” army in the January transfer market together with Jan-Christian Driessen, Thomas Tuchel before submitting the matter for approval to the top management board.

According to Bild , Eberl will officially start his job in the second half of the season. No later than 1 April,

it is understood he will not be immediately involved with the team. And will be involved in transfers for the remainder of the January transfer window.

Eberl will have a big job at Awaiting management is Joshua Kimmich’s contract, which is due to expire in June 2025, and is currently attracting interest from a number of clubs across Europe, as is

Alphonso Davies’ contract. It expired at the same time and received a lot of interest from Real Madrid. In the case of Davies, there was a problem with the salary that he demanded from the club.