Agent reveals “Elneny” is interested in joining the Gala

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Mohamed Elneny‘s agent William Diavila has revealed that the player in his care is interested.

In a move to Galatasaray as his contract with Arsenal expires.

The Egypt international has been reduced to roles this season. Following the arrival of Albert Zambi Lokonga. 

Having only played 45 minutes in the Premier League, the

29-year-old midfielder was linked with a move to Turkey last summer. The news is that Besiktas and grabbed the attention to the army

, however, the deal has not happened yet, and the promise of Elliot Ness with “cannon” was coming to an end this summer

agencies. Elneny’s side revealed the midfielder is interested in a move to Galatasaray, with a deal that could take place from January.

“Galatasaray is a very big club. They have performed well in European games and Galatasaray are among the teams competing for the league title every year. So it’s a great opportunity for Elneny, he wants to play with Galatasaray,” he said, according to Sporx.

“Galatasaray is in talks with Arsenal over a transfer of Mohamed. Is Elneny there? Believe me, I don’t know. But of course, you need to negotiate with Arsenal. “

Mohamed Elneny’s contract will expire at the end of this season. So he could use it as an advantage since January. Or reach an agreement in advance to move to the team at the end of the season. It is important to remember. because next summer he will be released And will become a free agent “.

“I can say that Galatasaray is an important option for him. But I can’t say more. because it’s too early to talk about it.”