5 players Liverpool should sign this summer To chase success next season

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5 players Liverpool should sign this summer To chase success next season

  • Liverpool finished the Premier League in 3rd place and successfully won the Carabao Cup.
  • The Reds had a big change with the arrival of Arne Slot, who replaced Jurgen Klopp who left the team.
  • Many key players are fading with age. That makes them need to look for new players to fill the leaks that have occurred.

It can be said that they truly fell behind at the end of the season for Liverpool. Who had a chance to win 4 championships and also opened their heads by ยูฟ่าเบท winning the Carabao Cup, winning it first at the beginning of the year. But in the end, both the issue of inconsistency and the issue of the physical condition that had been fighting hard throughout the season made them trip over their own feet and unfortunately miss out on the remaining 3 championships.

Moreover, the arrival of Arne Slot, the new coach, will bring more or less change to the team. Whether it will be better or worse is difficult to predict. But one thing that will definitely happen is the reinforcement of the army, as we can see that the Reds’ last season’s strength still has quite a lot of flaws, especially at the defender position, currently Virgil van Dijk himself, despite his efforts. It’s full, but it’s fading away with age. As a defensive midfielder, it was clear that Endo alone was not enough to finish the game in the middle of the field. Or even the forward Mo Salah, the highest hope, has lost his form due to age.

1. Gonzalo Inacio

Age – 22 years,
position – center back,
team – Sporting Lisbon,

a Portuguese defender who this season has successfully cemented himself as a main player in the team, becoming an important force for the national team. Of course, that makes him the target of many famous teams, including Liverpool and eternal rivals like Manchester United, who are looking for a new option in the defender position at this time.

2. Lutcharel Geartruda

Age – 23 years,
Position – Center Back / Defensive Midfielder,
Team – Feyenoord,

Dutch defender. Old subordinates that Slots helped mold and develop until it was successful with the team His outstanding feature is his completeness in the defensive game, being able to play both as a defender or as a midfielder without any problems. However, with his outstanding performance, there are many who want him to join the team as well.

3. Ederson

Age – 24 years
Position – Midfield
Team – Atalanta

If anyone has followed Atalanta’s form this season, you can see how tight their midfield game is. Especially the performance of this Brazilian midfielder who took on the role of keeping the pressure on the game and being the key to creating games from inside the field as well.

4. Kievren Thuram

Age – 23 years
Position – Midfielder
Team – Nice

French midfielder who has been a target for the Reds’ reinforcements since last summer. This year, he seems to be able to raise his form even further until he is famous and has become. “Holding Midfielder” is already at the top of Ligue 1.

5. Tern Koopminers

Age – 26 years
Position – Midfield
Team – Atalanta

Another target from Atalanta, Slot’s former midfielder who moved to become famous in Italy, leading the team to a lot of success with strengths that can add up to help the attacking game. Finds a good finishing area and also has a trick from a long shot. Unfortunately, the Reds will have to compete with Juventus, who are favorites to grab him to join the team this summer.